Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend Featured State: Florida Artist

I plan to feature artists from some of my favorite states, starting with the state where I reside now.....FLORIDA!! Woo-Hoo!!

Florida has been very dear to me for the past 25 years I have resided here. My granddaughter lives here along with my children and many other family members. It is the home of my favorite theme parks; Disney, Universal Studios. We have year round sunshine, cultural diversity, and many talented artists...don't believe me? Take a look at a sampling from the Florida Etsy Street Team (FEST) which I am very happy to be a member of this active and supportive group. Below are some of my selections from their stores:

This pendant is certain to receive complements for its beauty and unusual nature. I like the working on the outer area and it is then worked into this different tube shape. Fishbonesilver has several worked silver items in her store. If you are a silver lover; fishbonesilver is the shop for you.

Early last week I wrote in my blog about critters in my neighborhood and in it was a pair of cranes who graced my yard for a couple of weeks this summer. As soon as I spotted this quilt, it brought back fond memories of my cranes,,,even though they pecked a hole in my screen, they are welcome anytime. CinfulArt has quilts, cross stitching, and many other meticulously crafted items in her shop. Make sure to visit..go visit my crane!

PattiElizabeth's hand-painted pillow is a work of art in itself. It would make the perfect addition to any room in need of a splash of color.

The vivid blue color of the lampwork beads of this necklace
immediately drew my eye to this piece. Upon reading the description I learned that it is also crafted with copper, which I also enjoy wearing. The necklace can be wore in varying lengths which is a plus as well. Visit DonnaJs shop for something exquisite.

Now tell me if this does not sound yummy...Bubblemint Goat Milk Soap...I have to try this! It would be the perfect ending of a stressful day to relax in a warm bath with a fragrant soap, and I have never tried a goat milk soap, but want to give it a try! Visit EScentualCreation's store for your own bar.

PJ Plush likes to watch birds and eat cookies in bed! His description is almost as fun as snuggling with him would be. Handmade 3D offers this Plush along with several others in her shop. I like him because he reminds me of when I used to try to pretend I was sleeping as a child and your eyes are scrunched up so tightly that your parents know you are faking. You thought they were magical..but as an adult you realize it is the scrunched up eyes as a sure giveaway! Love this guy.

I have adored peacocks since I was a child and GladRaggz has crafted this unusual purse in the depiction of my favorite birds not in the usually shown colorful stance, but with their tails down. Maybe because there is no female peacock around. This purse has pockets abound and I love the contrast of the handle with the colors in the purse.

Looking for the unusual? How about this beautiful necklace made of recylced metals and coffee beans! Need a gift for someone who has everything? I can bet you they do not have one of these. You can find it in Recreational Art's shop.

Here is another unusual necklace offered by the Creative Art Center on Etsy. I love the different textures of this pendant. It offers simplicity but is also stunning.

I just love this complete set that can be personalized. This is a must have for my next grandchild! Visit Madly2005 for an ensemble for your special bundle of joy.

My granddaughter loves Ladybugs..see her Halloween costume from last year in my Musings

from Grandma. This group of beads would make a lovely necklace for any ladybug or garden lover. Fragiacomoglassart's Shop


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my purse on your charming blog!! I'm looking forward to following all that's yet to come!


  2. BEAUTIFUL write up! Thank you so much, this was fun to read and always fun to see what fellow team mates are up to. CHEERS!

  3. Thank you! It was really nice to see how talented our online friends truly are.

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my Sandhill Crane Wall Art Quilt! I loved seeing all of the other wonderful items from the Festers! You've found some amazing selections!

  5. You have featured some very nice items here. I especially love the plushies.
    I found your blog in an AF forum and decided to come by for a quick visit.


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