Monday, May 31, 2010

Honoring our Heroes

While we may not agree with past or present wars, that is our option; to voice our opinions, to protest, to complain about the government and their handling of situations we feel strongly about; however, those rights are being protected by our soldiers. Many of them young men who have not even begun to live their lives, they are fighting and dying for our country.

Let's remember that is what today, Memorial Day, is about. Not only to have a long weekend, barbecue, and spend time enjoying our families. Let us remember are young men and women who are not able to do that, but are in a foreign country, missing their families, the comforts of life, and showing bravery in the face of what would be terrorizing for many of us. There are children who are missing their parents today, families who are struggling financially because soldiers, especially those young, new soldiers who are recently enlisted, do not make a descent pay check but have one of the toughest jobs I know.

My father was a veteran, and while he is no longer with me, having passed many years ago, he is always in my heart and thought. Today I would like to thank the soldiers and their families for their sacrifices, especially to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice; we love and support you and pray you return home safely and receive the honor that you so deserve.

This song, in honor of our country and soldiers, was one I recall being played constantly in the aftermath of 9-11. I could not think of a more appropriate song for today.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Okay, we have all heard the saying "April Showers Bring May Flowers" but did you know that even though we may have heard our grandparents stating the obvious, it actually has been around a lot longer than just our grandfolks. In the mid 1500s Thomas Tusser wrote a collection of shorts, one of them simply stating:

Sweet April showers Do spring May flowers.

Now metaphorically, the meaning behind his rhyme was the fact that even the most unpleasant things can bring about something enjoyable......even though I do not find rain in itself unpleasant, especially a shower but not to "rain" on Thomas' parade, lets go along with the idea that rains are unpleasant....can't get that picture in your mind..okay, here is some help for ya...

I have no idea of what the guy in the boat is thinking, but I think unpleasant is what he is feeling. Now on to the May flowers....

Here are some offerings from my fellow artisans, and guess what!!!??? I am throwing one of my pieces into the fray this time!! Woo-Hoo...I know, you are unable to contain your enthusiasm right? Hey, wait a minute, don't click to another page yet!!! Prepare yourself to be awed........

Elf Gathering Flowers. Isn't she exquisite. I love the burst of sunshine in the background and the flowing movement of this print.

In keeping with the elf/fairy theme, if this gorgeous necklace does not satisfy your craving for flowers, well, I just don't know what to do. The pendent displays a fairy peeking through flowers, there are floral painted accent beads mixed amongst glass floral beads. Just lovely.

Want to share some floral inspirations with your guest. This lilac soap is the answer. Guess what, it does come in the gift box as well at a terrific price!

Okay, here is my floral offering. This is one of my absolute favorite pieces. The flow of the shoulder sash and bow in the back makes this a really stunning piece.

My GD receives so many compliments on this outfit, the perfect outfit for a spring outing or a cool, comfy outfit to wear to Disney.

Thank you, as always, for stopping by and here is hoping that the April showers are bringing bountiful May flowers your way!!

Here is one of my favorite songs about flowers from one of my favorite musicals, of course it is a Disney classic. Enjoy!

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