Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcoming in the New Year

Wow, where did 2010 go? I have to admit, I am really happy to see it go, it was a relatively tough year for me and my family, serious family health issues with my daughter at the end of the year really made this a difficult one. We are still working through the subsequent problems with her vision that occurred, but her spirits are good and that is half of the battle there. She is a very courageous and loving individual and has strength that is remarkable. I am very proud of her.

Well, I am optimistic about 2011. I have many plans for the blog, including Blogging more frequently!! Yes, I promise dear followers, I will be more diligent in my blogging and hopefully will bring material of interest. An addition to my blog, I am planning on incorporating a podcast...why?..well, I just love listening to them and I have an idea for one that will not leave my mind, thus, I just have to do it.

The mindset I have about the podcast is similar to one that I have when I come up with some new project that I want to design, I keep thinking about it and thinking about it until I am like...Okay already!! Just go and do it!!! So that is what I plan on doing within the next few weeks.

I am jotting down some ideas for the first show, doing some research, preforming voice scales so I will not scare away those who decide to listen, and working on a list of some awesome interviews I would like to add to the show. I also plan on adding some exciting contest so be on the lookout for a new update soon and I hope you will take a listen.

Well, dearest readers, I will leave you with some photos from the holidays, including what I saw in my "backyard" during the season, some of my glorious decorating...see, I posted the photos of my decorating after the holidays so I would not put pressure on those of you who like to decorate for the holiday as well to go out and get more stuff to outdo all of my extraordinary displays....(remember, if you say it, then it is so!! Also, I do not need to go on after holiday diet either...say it and it is so, say it and it is so, say it and it is so....<- gotta say it three times, kinda like Beetlejuice logic.

Enjoy and wishing you all a slightly belated, but heart felt joyous and blessed new year.

Holiday decorations, okay, maybe not what was expected, but I am working with small quarters here!! LOL

Yes, it is true, my granddaughter loses all of her sense of fashion when it comes to opening Christmas gifts and enjoying them, otherwise, she would not have set foot out of the house without wearing an outfit that "matches" her new saying, grandma, that does not match!! Well, I will save this photo to show her when that phrase comes up again, I can say, "but look! you went outside with this on Christmas Day and your socks did not match and there was no matching hairbows!!" sigh, the joys of digital cameras!

I have seen so many backyard photos of my friends' residences filled with snowy scenes and lovely wildlife such as deer, rabbits, the glorious red cardinal on a snow white backdrop, well, here is what I get...about a 900 pound manatee!! Yes, this is what I snapped a shot of from my balcony that was enjoying the warmth of the inlet...I took plenty of photos, but I was jumping up and down, pretty much like my granddaughter on Christmas morning, when I saw him...or maybe it was a her, not sure. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your holidays and have recuperated from the hustle and bustle.

Would love to read your comments on what type of podcast you enjoy listening too, would love to see your wildlife photos too, would be more than happy to share them here on the blog or your holiday decorations, I would share here as well. Ideas of a prize you would like to see in a contest, drop me a comment and I will try to make some of the popular ones happen.

Thanks for stopping by!

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