Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time for Change

The beginning of the month was filled with a mixture of emotions, why, because of the inevitable change. My change consisted of a move and a downsize, both were welcome, but still moving from one place to another can bring both a sense of sadness and anticipation. I loved the place were I was staying, I enjoyed the semi change of seasons (for Florida, that is not often the case. Here is a view from out of the window of the new office space I set up for myself when one of my sons moved, I took over his bedroom with the great view.

I also love the sun that would stream in the windows in the morning, I would have coffee and enjoy reading in the sunshine in the loft many mornings; however, I think my little chi-chi and granddaughter loved the sunshine even more.

I had my granddaughter in quite a few activities there that we both enjoyed. She loved having her own room, even though she rarely slept in there, but still, it was her room.
It was strange to see the room so barren once all of her toys were packed away and the extra guest bed placed back up in the room.

The living room that was filled with laughter, dancing, singing, and plenty of movie watching also stood empty upon moving...

But now, here is the view out of my window and while I am in a smaller space, there is no shortage of love and I am ready to begin creating new memories.

Yes, change is a certainty, but it is what you make it out to be. This change is going to allow me to see my granddaughter more regularly, allow me to have extra funds because of the downsize to do things that I really enjoy doing, and to see more of my family. Oh, and what about this view folks?!!???

What a great place to work and live.

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