Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saint Patrick's Creations

Hello Dear Readers!! Boy, have I missed my blog. I have been so busy since December. I lost one of my major accounts, due to a merger, and the scramble was on to find a replacement for my day job, which I had been neglecting the marketing side so terribly due to having so much fun being creative and working on my studio items and blogging...well, I have managed to do a little bit better for marketing, set up a website for my day job, to hopefully bring in some business, Medpro Office Solutions, created an ongoing commission based marketing plan for those who love to sell and would like to make a continuous commission for any client I can secure (interested, send me an email, not interested,,,sigh,,,keep on reading about the great Saint Patrick Day finds I was able to rustle up!!...not interested in that either!!! Argh!! LOL. Ah, yes, blogging brings me such joy! Okay, on to the good stuff!

Handmade Polymer Clay Leprechaun in his Pot of Gold sculpture

Is this little guy cute or what! He is the quintessential Saint Patrick decoration, great for an office desk or even a kitchen counter.

Wouldn't this little shamrock bear be cute on a sofa or bed!!??

This little leprechaun would be a perfect decoration for any table top. Top of the morning to you!!

Hand crafted stained glass sun catcher would look lovely in any window.

Want to take a more subtle approach to your holiday decor? How about some fragrant green tea soap?
A little something for the kiddies, an adorable hand puppet, get ready for a puppet show!

Don't want to get pinched for not wearing green? How getting decked out with this gorgeous scarf, perfect for anytime.

Are you planning a great Saint Patrick's day dinner complete with some corned beef and cabbage? Regardless of what you are planning or cooking, you will be a knock out in this gorgeous apron! Must have!

How about a green clover Mother of Pearl bracelet, just lovely...
You all know I am all about the sparklely and yeah, this rhinestone necklace is definitely an eye catcher! Love it!

Don't want your guy to get about these hand-knitted socks...don't care if he does or not...okay, let's move on...
Are you sending out Saint Patrick's cards? This is one of the most innovative ones I have seen in a while, and it is handmade! This dancing leprechaun card is certain to put a smile on someone's face.
I have always enjoyed Michael Flatley and his Lord of the Dance Irish folk dancing and music, this is one of my favorites, hope you enjoy it as well.

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