Monday, August 24, 2009

Share Your Flair Award

I woke up this morning with a big grin on my face still because yesterday my blog received a Share Your Flair Award!! This award was presented from Yours Truli which is an absolutely beautiful blog that has numerous featured artists works displayed. She is a gem in herself in her continued efforts to promote various artisans in multiple genres.

So, with the reward now comes the extra exciting part! I get to tell you some more about myself!!....hey,,wait a minute...Where is everybody going!!? Alright, I get the picture, I will keep it short...three things about myself..

Well, I know everyone knows by now that I am a thrilled to be a grandmother to my 3-year-old granddaughter. Other than spending time with her, I love to read, sew, make jewelry, paint, and blog. I have been in the medical transcription field for over 20 years and that is my bread and butter job and by night, I am a starving designer/artist. I have an Artfire shop, Etsy shop, and a website.

I enjoy interacting with people, whether online or in person, and I love helping people in whatever way that I can. I feel there are so many ways to brighten someone's life, even a small gesture as a sincere complement, or calling someone behind the counter by their name, wishing them a nice day, that can add a smile to their face; in short try to make someone feel special every day.

As far back as I can remember, I have loved to make things. When I was a child, I remember having one of those bead looms to make the groovy 70s head bands. I would work on those in the evening and listen to the radio talk shows (yep, I was as exciting as a child as I am now as a grown up). I also used to knit outfits for my pets, with their names stitched somewhere on the garment...(see, even then I was embellishing!) I was raised in W.Va, beautiful country, and have lived in Florida for over 20 years.

Now for the fun part...passing this award on to three other blogs!!

Moonangelnay!!! Ha, try saying that fast 3 times, or even once...well, I may not be able to say it, but I love her blog and she loves to help people. Just take a look at her blog and how many other people she is promoting and various tips she provides. Job well done!

Not only does this blog promote other artisans, it promotes other blogs and has great links for tutorials and other helpful items. A must read for me on a regular basis.

Va Beach Quilter's blog regularly features shops with less than 10 sales, which I think is a wonderful thing to do. It can become quite discouraging to work so hard to put together what you feel is a fantastic item in a great shop, only to have no response. Va Quilter's followers may spot something they like and provide the jolt that a fledgling shop needs.

Now, selected sharing and caring blogs, your mission? To pass this award on to 3 more deserving blogs. Have fun and congrads!


  1. Thanks so much for the award! Will try and post it this week, and let you know when.

  2. Wow! Thank you for the honor and I'll be sure to find 3 great blogs and to figure out what I else I can tell people about myself. LOL

    Again, I'm truly flattered!

    Kim ~vabeachquilter~

  3. Good morning!! I just posted about receiving this award from you! Thanks again.


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