Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Musings from a Grandma

It is raining here, what else is new in Florida huh? Today, I received a phone call from my granddaughter's mother that yes indeed, she will be starting head start at the end of this month, no more two week visits for me and I was very cheerful, hung up the phone, and bawled like a baby. I have begun to realize just how quickly time passes. While she is only 3, it seems like yesterday that she was a tiny infant dressed happily in her easter bunny outfit...

Then it was off to starting to walk some and being able to actually go out with her mom and dad (that is my son...yep, I can remember him as a baby as well)....

Able to really enjoy her first Halloween last year.....

And a cupcake after ballet class this year....

Why was I bawling? Because I will miss hearing her clunking down the stairs in the morning when she wakes up with her "crazy Frodo hair" as she likes to call it, I will miss watching Lord of the Rings over and over again with her and both of us saying lines from the movie, I will miss singing with her, taking her to story time at the library, going to ballet class, watching Noggin to the point where I actually like the shows and the songs between the shows, I will miss my ever-ready model she loves to take pictures in her new outfits grandma makes for her, her laughter, and doing our beading together, hers with a lace with large beads, and me with mine. I will miss everything about her and while, yes, I will still get to see her, it will not be exactly the same because this phase is over you see; the time before school where you are pretty much everything to them. I will see her on the some weekends, that is very different from weeks on end.

Moms, childhood goes by very quickly. Enjoy every moment that you can, every age holds its own special magic and passes very rapidly. Cherish each moment and find delights in simple things. Make special moments with your children.

I do not usually post videos in my blog, but watch this one it sums up my whole posting in this one song....


  1. Aw Nina, I feel ya.

    My sis and my niece (2 and a half) live with me. I love having "Shorty" around (I don't have kids). She's been my shining light, the reason I live right, and a great reminder that being a kid can be fun.

    When my sis takes Shorty out, I miss her desperately. I miss the way she screams "Auntie Jen".

    And now, I have been informed that in a few weeks, they are going to be going back to live with my sister's boyfriend.

    I think I might loose my mind. Picking her up from school, watching Sponge Bob and Dora, having her come in my room and talk to the fish in the tank. I'm going to miss that so much.



  2. Jen, I know exactly what you mean, my DGD loves Dora too and talks to our fish, and love my little chihuahua almost as much as he loves her. I hope that they will be close by at least so you can see her often. They are so special. If not, maybe you can plan some special things with her. I am trying desperately to do a trip to Disney with her next month, so the thought of that makes me happy...somewhat anyways..

    Hugs back to you,


  3. Hugs your way!! They just don't stay little. I tell my friends with little ones to enjoy every moment because they don't last. What's sad is even if you enjoy every moment, they still don't last LOL. She's adorable and looks like a lot of fun to be around. That makes you very blessed. Have a wonderful day!


  4. Changes can be painful when they come before you are ready.

  5. They grow up way too fast, that's for sure. I miss my little ones too, the happy days we spent together. I used to watch Lord of the Rings with my little girl also.


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