Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My new BFFs

I am in love with my new best friends. They are there to help me everyday with the mundane tasks that I detested doing in the past, now, I can complete them everyday. They make me look good as well for my other less helpful friends and neighbors who think I am super woman..working as many hours as I do with my "day" job, doing my design work, cooking, and finding time to get out for walks and keeping my house looking spic and span. Little do they know about my BFFs' help...but, I am willing to share my secret, only with you...Ready?.......

This is my favorite one, the I Robot 550 series. I purchased mine from HSN on easy pay (yeah, right) of 64 plus change for four months, this was a special price, I have noticed the price has recently gone up, but considering what you might spend for a good vacuum, the time you actually spend vacuuming when you could be doing something more constructive and productive, the aggravation in asking your kids to help you clean, or the money you would spend to have someone come and clean your home for you...this is a wonderful gizmo to have clean your home, every single day. I just get up in the morning, grab my cup of coffee and push the button and that is it. It does have a scheduler that you can set to clean at a certain time automatically, but I just press the button on top of mine...I like to watch it for a bit before I go settle down in the morning to begin working.

This does a wonderful job, even though I set it to clean every morning, it still has dirt in the bin after every cleaning. You do have to remove the brushes and clean after each use, especially in the beginning, but after time, you will notice less dust/dirt on the brushes to clean. Mine has yet to get tangled in cords or anything, but I do try to remove any bigger items from the floor before letting it go on its way. I really love this item. Remember, we used to not think dishwashers were necessary either, it really is not, we can wash by hand, or get up and change the TV channels manually, cook our frozen dinners in the oven for 40 minutes, or pop popcorn in a pan, stay seated while on the phone instead of using a cordless one, but technology advances to make our lives easier, this is just another tool to assist us in our ADLs.

Next...on to the I Scooba.

Now, I purchased the Scooba through Overstock at a price of $199, but noticed they are no longer available.....guess I snagged the last one!! Lucky me! While I like the Roomba better than the Scooba, this is a nice gadget as well. The battery in mine does not last as long as theRoomba; running only about 20-25 minutes, and then needs recharging to finish emptying the tank and cleaning. Also, I imagine my tile area is about 1000 sq feet, maybe less, so if you have a larger area to clean, you may have to fill your tank more than once, not too big of a deal and the cleaner is not too expensive, they say you can also use vinegar and water, I have not tried it because I like the fresh, clean scent of the cleaner...but if I am in a bind; in will go the vinegar.

When the machine stops, it does leave behind some residue that you have to wipe up with a paper towel, not too big of a deal. The Scooba did go up on my low-pile dining room carpet once and made a sound like "I'm stuck" so I had to go downstairs and move it. I just place a couple of dining room chairs down now so it will not go back up on the carpet, again, really no big deal considering I do not have to mop, but not ideal. Still love it and it saves me so much time, house looks great, and my nerves are not fried by fussing with my sons to help me clean!

Great products IMHO! Thanks for reading and leave your comments if you own one of these nifty gadgets or have any questions.


  1. What great BFF's! I need a couple new BFF's! Wouldn't do any good now though, we are in the middle of remoldeling, so the whole house in in chaos.

  2. Oh, you have to try to get one once your remodeling is done! You will be sooo thrilled to have a nice clean house at the push of a button, now to get one to dust, wipe counter tops, and put dishes into the dishwasher! Thanks for commenting.

  3. Oh I want one of those roombas! We have a big house with wood floors throughout the entire thing and it takes forever to sweep it all.

  4. Oh, you would be so happy. My home is not too, too large, 2,800 sq/ft, but the downstairs entryway through into the eat in kitchen was all tile and I would have to sweep it every single morning, this thing has saved me so much time and frustration. Plus it goes under sofa, beds, etc, places I would not normally clean except during "spring cleaning". Now, it can do that every day. My house looks so much nicer.

  5. I am thinking I could use some BFF's like you have! ;)

  6. We refer to our roomba as our dog's sister. I love it.


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