Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm Going to Disney World

I am doing the Happy Dance today because I just booked my trip to Disney for next month. What is the occasion? My BDay. You know, BDay's lose their luster once you hit 40, so you need to inject a little bit of magic in them, and what is more magical than a Disney vacation....hmmm, hitting the lottery! Yeah, well, besides that.

Of course my DGD will be accompanying me, so I am really looking forward to the trip. I have been cruising the Disney forums, which is a great place for planning. Disney is in the midst of a dining deal which threw a bit of a monkey wrench in the planning process because every single character/princess meal I tried to reserve was totally booked for the three days we will be there; but, places to dine in Disney are plentiful and I am sure we will not starve.

I will have to get into overdrive to complete a few dresses for the trip and to add to the shops, so that should be coming up shortly as well...okay, back to planning.....I mean working... for me!


  1. I've been there. It was really a cool experience. I also went on the Disney Cruise. you'll have fun.

  2. You'll have a blast! It's the perfect place for kids and grown ups! M-I-C-K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-EEEEEE!!! Have Fun!

  3. Oh I am soooooo jealous!! I love Disney! Anything and everything Disney.

    We're supposed to go in October, but are now sure now if we'll get to... :(

  4. YOU ARE SO LUCKY! we try to get to Disney at least once a year and with hard times it was put on hold this year :(
    are you going to be there right on your birth day? have you gotten your free ticket that Disney offers this year?

  5. Hi Pampering, Oh, I really hope you get to go. I was supposed to go back in May but had to postpone due to some unexpected financial issues, but I am so happy to be going now. Let me know what happens and I am wishing the best for you. They have some wonderful promotions they are running now. You can read so much about them at my favorite Disney info spot..


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