Thursday, October 1, 2009

I went, I saw, I conquered...or did it conquer me! Part 1 Disney BDay trip

What a fun-filled trip I had for my BDay last month with my little granddaughter, just the two of us, to Disney. Our trip was full of surprises, excitement, and special unexpected moments, but that is what vacations and Disney are all about right?

First off, this was a spur of the moment trip which of course means not a lot of budgeting went into the trip so it was supposed to be as low cost as possible which meant staying at a value resort... The resort I selected cost around $79.00 per night with my Florida Resident discount. This is the one I selected due to the movie theming, I was certain my GD would really enjoy it... So, after having a late start because I had to call my bank and we had some minor car problems, we were off to the All Stars Movie resort..

While we got in line for check in (SEE PHOTO OF THE LOBBY IN THE MOVIES RESORT) a line greeter came over and struck up a conversation...great!
Disney's way to make you feel welcome. He asked how long we were visiting for and I told him 3 nights and how I was there to spend my Bday with my granddaughter....well, he said that he had something special for me and asked me to get out of line and go over to his main desk...okay. that is great, such excitement, thought we would get a birthday badge or something...well, he comes over and says that he is going to upgrade us to the Deluxe Beach Resort!!! (Cost for me for the Beach Resort would be around $300.00 per night with my Florida Resident Discount!!) talk about a fantastic upgrade!!

Now, I have visited Disney many, many times over the past 30+ years, but have never stayed in the Beach Club! Here is the exterior of the resort

At the top, where you see the photo of the Movies resort, that is also the (uncovered) bus stop area, not a fun place to be in the 90+ degree Florida weather, now here is the bus stop area at the beach club....

Or you can take the boat if you are going to Epcot or Hollywood Studios, just take a nice stroll to the dock, boats arrive approximately every 15 minutes.

Below is a photo of us...well, my granddaughter doing the happy dance on our patio at the resort. We had a lovely terrace and garden area that she loved to go out and spray "her flowers" daily. I was dancing as well, but could not take pictures of both of us doing the happy dance, so, here she is. Now, one thing about vacations, even mini ones when you are self working means no pay!! Thus the delay in my blogging....sorry dear followers, I will post part II ASAP...gotta work to make up for fun now! Hope you will stick around to the next installment with Toy Story and Monsters Inc and some good food as well.

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