Thursday, October 1, 2009

Halloween featured items

Hello Dear Readers, with Halloween fast approaching it is time to get all your handmade Halloween goodies ordered so they will ready in time for the spooky night. Here are some of my favorites, hope you enjoy them as well....

Fun Set of Insulated Coasters

Witch and Pen Set

Some Great Artwork to Display

Party Time!! Fun Invites

Want your hair to look spooky and not because you are having a Bad Hair Day,,,or maybe you can draw the attention away from the Bad Hair Day, this hairpiece will do the trick..or treat! HA! Not Funny..Okay...Sigh...Plugging on!

The Bride of Frankenstein Can Welcome Your Guests
Vlad the Vampire can get them to leave

Well, that's it for now folks. Next Saturday, I plan on posting some really creepy photos and spooky tales so head on back!

I am leaving you with a great video about the Haunted Mansion in Disney. I have gone on two occasions to Disney with my granddaughter (See trip reports) and both times, she has declined going into the mansion, this year saying "I will go later grandma, when I am bigger"...ah yes, the instant change of heart when seeing the dreary mansion. This was one of my favorite rides as a child, I also remember having the LP story, which I would love to find...even though I have no record player...(dern advance of technology!!) Anyway, this is a great clip (Note, there are two parts, both are really great) for all you Disney and Haunted Mansion fans. Lots of neat information. Until next time.
Part 1

Part 2


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my witch pen! What a nice surprise! Lots of great Halloween items featured!

  2. You have some really nice items here!
    This is Tee following you from TwitterMoms!
    Can you return the favor? Thanks!

  3. You found some great halloween finds! Thanks for sharing them!!

  4. I love those coasters!! So cute:) I also love your blog background.


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