Sunday, August 21, 2011

Been a Long Time Coming

Well, this is awkward, I do not even remember how to blog, can't put a sentence together worth a hoot, but will give it a shot to try to give an update. What I really want to do is share with everyone what has been going on, and also to provide a timeline for myself, not to mention have someone to share some of my works in progress and finished objects with, as well as spotlight some awesome artisans, so here we go:

Personal life: What have I been up to, oh my, well, as far as my transcription business, that disappeared back in May, I lost my final account to VR (voice recognition and the EMR-electronic medical record). It was a very tough month, I had to let my remaining 5 ICs go, two of which I had known for almost 20 years...the first thought, after thinking how difficult it would be to let go of my ICs was not how am I going to pay my rent or buy groceries, but how in the heck am I going to be able to pay for my granddaughter's dance and gymnastic classes!! LOL!!

Yes, that is me in a nutshell folks, Miss Know How to Prioritize, oh yes, I also thought about how I was going to get to go up to Orlando next month too, anyone who has followed my sporadic posting knows I love to head up there with my GD in B-Day month, yes folks, I celebrate the whole month! Na, just kidding.

So, I what I decided to do was to continue with my part-time VA for the clinic up north, that is 20 hours a week, and focus on my online studios, so I threw myself into work like a loon, and it has been a task, still working and debating if this actually will work, but decided to try to give it at least until the end of the year. I am grateful to have this to fall back on.

In the meantime, my GD decided she wanted to take tennis for a while, instead of gymnastics, which was fine with me, as it is a less expensive sport. Her ballet was supposed to start the end of this month, but I am going to have to wait until mid Sept to sign her up, July and August are extremely slow retail online months and finances just will not allow it this week, so it should be fine to get her going next month. She starts her first year of school this month, tomorrow as a matter of fact, so no more coming to spend the day with grandma early on Wednesday and Friday, it is a sad and happy time for me, she is growing up. Here she is at tennis practice.

What has kept me sane during this transition; knitting! Okay, before the eyes start rolling and you poise your finger over the mouse to click to the next blog...knitting is not the thing of yore that grandmas did,,,wait, I'm a grandma,,,but its not the same knitting! It is super relaxing, puts you in a zen like state, especially if you have some really soft yarn to work with and are knitting something that makes you happy. I just finished two projects for my son;

A Mankerchief in black, grey, red, and green for one:

A slouch hat in chocolate and burnt orange for the other:

What I am currently knitting is the Spectra for myself, but quickly running out of the main color yarn, so have to pick up some more, I really love this pattern, I've decided to make the scarf much longer, I want it to fall below my knees, love the way it curls in and the Noro silk yarn is fun to work with to see the various color wedges develop.

And a mystery Knit Along that I am so-so about, colors will be difficult to match with clothing, but I am thinking about some brown slacks and maybe a beige solid top?

All of the knitting above, with the exception of the hat, are from the designer Stephen West

For the hat, I love the hat and my son, who turned 24, was super excited about it, so I do believe that I am going to offer a similar version in the studio in the fall.

For the studio, I have finally incorporate some adult designs. The latest two is from a set that I worked on for a family going to Disney that wanted to have matching shirts for the Mom, Dad, and the 3 sons, so this is what I came up with..

Daddy and Me button down shirts:

Ladies mock collar shirt from Cars fabric:

My granddaughter wants me to make one for us when we go back to Disney, she wants a top and matching crop pants for both of us to wear, along with our Disney ears and lanyards and charm bracelets, so that will be fun and I am big enough a Disney nerd to go right ahead and make that happen!

Okay, for my works in progress, I am currently working on a Yo Gabba Gabba Toodie tutu two piece dress. I have reworked the tutu to a matching pink satin with the tutu bottom instead of the interchangable petticoat design, since it wears better for the little ones. Also working on the matching Toodie tulle shoes. I have an order for a personalized ballet bag, but the parent did not send me the name for the bag, I have contacted them twice, but have no reply, so will wait a few more days and then have to send un-personalized, which makes me sad, but I want to get the bag out for them. Lastly, I have an order for the new personalized Robot nap time pillow which was just added to the studio last month.

Alright, that is a semi wrap for me now, off to have coffee, cereal, and get to work in the sewing room on this rainy day. This has been a tough year and I hope that for anyone else out there having a tough year, that you have or can find something to help relieve stress and bring joy to your life.

My hiatus is now over, and I do plan to blog more frequently and have plans to showcase some wonderful artisans, post updates about my goings on, and keep in touch with friends and family.

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