Friday, September 11, 2009

Talented New York artist featured for 9/11

Today is a day for remembering the events that marked our lifetimes forever, 9/11 will never be just another day on the calendar but a day of rememberance.

Since I had posted my memories of 9/11 on the first day of this month, I wanted to feature a wonderful artist out of the heart of the beloved city of New York today.

Mauro is an extremely talented artist from New York who owns the shop Brooklymade where photography and painting intermingle to form absolutely stunning results in which no two are alike. I think of Mauro as being a "green" artist as well for what may have been discarded is recycled and turned into beautiful art work to be admired.

One of my favorites is the Washington Square at Night which shows the landmark arch with the Empire State building in the backdrop. Measuring in at a substantial 16 x 20 this piece is certain to make a statement. Would be perfect talking point in an office as well.

Enjoy the work of this skillful artist and the interview below.

Introduction: ". I have been a photographer for about 12 years. i picked up a camera for the first time when i came to NYC in 1998 and i have been shooting ever since. This is one of the first pictures i took

I was amazed when that picture came out, specially because I shot it with a cheap camera I had bought at Kmart for $40 (it was so cheaply made that the lens eventually fell off the camera, which proves you don't need expensive equipment to express yourself), but mostly because it portrayed exactly what attracted me most about the city: those fleeting moments in which streets are empty or almost empty. they make me feel like the city belongs to me; like i am here to witness it. All of us who live in NYC are packed in tiny apartments and experience the city as an extension of of living grounds, we eat out because we can't entertain at home, we sunbathe in the parks because we don't have a backyard, etc..all of which makes us form strong connections with the space we all share (for better and for worse). My pictures are reminders to myself of my favorite spots which I share with tons of other people, but that they belong only to me at the moment in which I took that particular photograph.

Q) . How long have you been crafting?

A) I have been crafting since I was a child. I was a shy kid who spend a lot of time reading and drawing. Art has always been a part of my life and it doesn't matter what else I try I always go back to's like my default state of seeing and interacting with reality.

Q) What are your inspirations / if you have any thoughts about 9/11, please comment?

A) I'm inspired by everything. it's is kinda overwhelming sometimes. With these paintings, I'm always on the lookout for discarded items -what most people would consider trash- I'm constantly picking up stuff on the street to use on my paintings. even my friends are getting into it! every time I meet with them I get a bag of "treasures" they pick up for me. I don't know, I guess I'm really curious about where things end up, what they had been before I got them and why they were discarded. I love giving them a new life, it gives me pleasure to rescue them from disappearing.

On september 10th 2001 I took my first class on photography. I wanted to lear more about it and to have more control over my camera and not depend so much on chance. Before the professor dismissed the class, he gave us the assignment for the following week: "go out , photograph your neighborhood, document your surroundings, this city is every changing, it is always evolving, just because something is here today doesn't mean it will tomorrow. I wanna see what you bring". Next day the world changed and I will always remember his words. I do not take anything for granted, I am grateful for what i have, and i try to be mindful of the impact things and people have on me and the impact i have on them. I try to respect life and hope it respects me back, so far it is working out fine.

Q) What goals/plans do you have for your shop in the near future?
A) I want to continue expanding on the portfolio, keep photographing and painting and get feedback from people about my work. I have a very faithful client base in nyc, and etsy is providing me with the opportunity to reach one a lot more people. I want to continue to attract a new audience and my presence on line is a first step in that direction.

Q) What is your favorite item in your shop and why?

A) My current favorite item on my shop is this painting of a street in DUMBO, Brooklyn. This is a very interesting area for me because of the level of gentrification it has suffered in recent years and on the abrupt stop the economic crisis has brought to the development of neighborhood. it feels like for a little bit longer at least you get to enjoy here the strong contrast between past and present .

I would like to thank Mauro for the informative and interesting interview. Remember today what is important on this day, our family, our friends, and our fellow countrymen and mankind throughout the world.


  1. What an awesome artist!! Yes, 9/ll will always have a deep meaning for me, too. Thanks for the wonderful blog!


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